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Natural Anti-Bacterial Glycerine Liquid Soap

by Droyt


500ml pump bottle




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  • Contains natural bactericides Tea Tree and Rosemary.
  • Effective against MRSA.
  • Made in the England.
  • SLS and paraben free.
  • No added colour.


Droyt Natural Anti-Bacterial Glycerine Liquid Soap is made using a special blend of natural essential oils which has been scientifically tested and is highly effective against pathogenic bacteria including MRSA.

We add extra vegetable derived glycerine to help the soap soothe and mosturise the skin.


Palm oil
Castor oil
Vitamin E
Tea Tree oil
Rosemary oil

Free From

SLS and paraben frre. No added colour.

To Use

Lightly press the pump to dispense the soap on to wet hands. It is a good idea to remove excess soap from the end of the pump nozzle as will help the pump dispense correctly.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Droyt - Natural Anti-Bacterial Glycerine Liquid Soap

" The Droyts Organic Liquid Soap is absolutely brilliant. I never need to use a moisturiser or hand cream after using it. I find other organic liquid soaps leave my hands feeling dry later in the day which doesn't happen when I use the Droyts soap. "  AM Stratford-Upon-Avon

" Grateful thanks, we love this product! "  MGL Northwich

" The liquid soap is brilliant. "  MK Keighley

" Great to discover the Droyt liquid soap: the first ever not to irritate my hands with the frequent handwashing we all have to do these days. It is also much appreciated "  ID Ashford

" we love this liquid soap "  WB Beaminster

" The Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap is brilliant stuff. "  AG Warminster

" Love this hand wash! "  DR Solihull


" I loved this soap and will keep coming back for more "  PAT Warwick

" Love these products! "  AF Bruton


Droyt Soaps

  • All natural hand made soaps.
  • Soap company established 1893 in Minsk (Russia).

All Droyts soaps are carefully hand-made using the finest natural ingredients. These hard, clear soaps are created from Natural Oils and Vegetable Glycerine. The soap does not contain Parabens or animal derived ingredients.

Members of promoting sustainability in palm oil production.

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