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Blusher Brush Colour Edition

by Benecos


Coral Handle




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  • Coral Handle
  • Vegan


A lovely, easy to use blusher brush with a gorgeous coral coloured handle.
The perfectly shaped blush brush with soft synthetic bristles smoothly applies blusher to your cheeks creating a natural subtle glow.

The vegan friendly blush brush is made from toray fibres and FSC certified birch wood with recyclable aluminium.


Perfectly shaped bristles
Applies blusher easily
Soft Bristles
For blusher and bronzer
Suitable for vegans

To Use

Swirl the blush brush into the blusher and sweep along your cheekbones and slightly underneath your cheekbones.


To wash wet the blush brush in water, put a little lquid hand soap onto the bristles and swirl around until clean, rinse in warm water and allow to air dry.
Do not immerse the complete brush in water.

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