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Hawaiian Gloss Boss Honeydew Shampoo

by Alba Botanica


355ml bottle




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  • For shiny, happy hair.
  • No damaging sulfates or dulling salts.


For glossy sheen, take a permanent vacation from the harsh, moisture-depleting sulfates and dulling salts in ordinary shampoos.

Instead, discover this shine-inducing shampoo, a residue-lifting cleansing experience.

The revitalizing aroma of the islands is captured in this daily use shampoo with the scent of lavish tropical fruits.

Aloe and kelp provide mineral-rich nutrition while gentle cleansers and tropical fruit extracts wash away impurities.

Honeydew extract, awapuhi and pineapple nourish and revive hair for vibrant shine.

Hydrolyzed protein binds the hair cuticle creating a smooth, reflective, glossy shine.

Dull, lifeless hair is gently cleansed and revitalised.


Gentle for all hair types
pH Balanced
Now in a 100% Post Consumer Resin bottle.


Kukui Nut Oil
Macademia Oil
Aloe Vera
Pineapple Extract
Papaya Extract
Melon Extract
Ginger Root Extract

Free From

Artificial Colors
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate

To Use

Apply to wet hair and massage into a rich lather.
Rinse thoroughly.

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