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Purifying Tea Tree Cream

by Australian Tea Tree


50ml tube




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end of February

  • Gentle, soothing protection.
  • Natural antiseptic.
  • 100% organic tea tree.


Tea Tree Oil is a traditional antiseptic oil used for thousands of years by the indigenous population of Australia. Known by many as the most powerful natural antiseptic known to man, this unique oil has numerous benefits due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.


Tea Tree oil¬Sunflower oil¬Cacao extract

To Use

Apply gently and liberally to the appropriate area.

What We Say

Antiseptic Tea Tree Cream is a light cream to spread the benefits of tea tree oil over broad skin areas safely and effectively and with a soothing and cooling effect. Helps destroy pathogenic germs, that can invade the body through damaged skin, with its medicinal grade tea tree oil component.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Australian Tea Tree - Purifying Tea Tree Cream

" The organic Tea Tree Cream is brilliant. "  PVS Wellingborough

"Brilliant product - very pleased."  C.T. Taunton

Australian Tea Tree First Aid

  • Certified organic tea tree oil range.

A range of Tea Tree products to suit all the family, from head to toe.

The range includes everything from conditioning shampoos to soaps, whitening toothpaste to gentle skincare and first aid antiseptics to blemish care.

The cleansing and protecting properties of Tea Tree have been known for over 6,000 years, first discovered by the Aborigines.

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