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Aloe Mint Dental Floss

by AloeDent


30m roll




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  • Aloe mint flavour.
  • Natural beeswax.
  • Shred resistant aloe floss.
  • Effectivesly removes plaque.


An advanced anti-shred nylon floss with natural Beeswax to help inter-dental movement. Naturally flavoured with Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Spearmint.

Use on a daily basis for healthier teeth and gums and for fresher breath.

Dental experts agree that flossing daily is essential in preventing and guarding against tooth decay and pyorrhea.


- Natural Aloe and Mint flavour.
- Natural Beeswax coated to help indter-dental movement.
- 30 metres strong shred resistant nylon floss.


Aloe Vera

To Use

First cut off about 18 inches of floss. Wind some around the index finger of each hand until you have about 2 inches to work with.

Gently work the flow between the teeth (don't snap it in) and move it back and forth down to the gum line to loosen plaque. Then let about an inch uncoil from your left hand and take up the slack with your right hand so that you have a fresh piece of floss between your teeth.

Gently pull the floss out from between your teeth.


Slight gum bleeding during flossing is frequently a sign of unhealthy gums. By flossing daily, bleeding should stop.

Consult your dentist if bleeding persists.



  • The Natural Evolution in Oral Care.
  • Fluoride Free.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free.

High quality toothpastes containing Aloe Vera, which may help soothe gums.

The range is packed full of natural ingredients - from Tea Tree Oil which helps in the fight against bacteria, to Silica, a natural mineral used to help keep teeth clean helping to prevent cavities, and Co Q10, which may also help in maintaining healthy gums.

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