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Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

Traditional Antiseptic Ointment


Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

20g tin


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Catalog ref: RC-100

Key Info

  • The great herbal balm - unequalled as an embrocation.


This original formulation will be recognised by many as a traditional balm to soothe painful chilblains. Now, after a long absence from our medicine chests, Zam-Buk is back.

Made in the UK, it is still packaged in an old-fashioned silver ointment tin.

The ointment contains Eucalyptus, Thyme and Pine resin combined with Beeswax and Camphor.

It has been used for decades as a useful embrocation to help soothe cuts, sores, bruises, sprains. chilblains and insect bites.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" Looking forward to receiving a brilliant product, just finished my last original from the 60s! "  MG, Pershore

" My mother used to rub the ointment on my chilblains when I was a child. "  MD, Preston

" It's the best ointment there is "  BA, Nottingham

" Everyone should have a tin of this! "  L.G, Powick

" Great to be able to get Zambuk I am 75 and my parents used it on the children and family for all sorts of skin problems. Great stuff if only it was not quite so green-can be a bit messy to use. "  PL, Uxbridge