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Evening Primrose Skin Care Set

Martha Hill Evening Primrose Skin Care Set

Evening Primrose Skin Care Set

4 x standard


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Key Info

  • Perfectly balanced skin care.
  • For dry or dehydrated, maturing, prone to eczema.
  • Our most popular range for over 15 years!


The skin care sets include everything you need for a balanced daily skin care regime and at a discounted price:

Evening Primrose Cleansing Lotion - creamy and skin smoothing.
Evening Primrose Toning Gel - cool, firming and refining.
Evening Primrose Moisturiser - light, moisturising and calming.
Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream - extra rich and soothing.


Oil of Evening Primrose
Avocado oil
Cucumber extract
Rose Geranium oil
Sesame oil
Carrot oil

Free From

Artificial colour and fragrance.

Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

To Use

1. Cleanse morning and night.Apply to face and neck and either rinse off with warm water or tissue off.
2. Apply a thin layer of gel after cleansing to face and neck. Gently massage into the skin and leave to be absorbed and then apply your moisturiser.
3. Apply the day cream to face, neck and upper bust area. Re-apply during the day if skin feels dry or taut.
4. At night cleanse and then apply the rich Nourishing Cream. Using fingertips dot cream over face and neck and then massage gently until fully absorbed.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Evening Primrose Skin Care Set

" Being now a pensioner of 64 (who regularly gets taken for someone twenty years younger thanks to Martha Hill !!) "  EB, South Molton

" I love your Evening Primroses facial creams, wonderful thank you. "  ET, Emsworth

" I have used Martha Hill Evening Primrose facial products for many years and they are perfect for my mature dry skin. Thank you. "  ET, Emsworth

" After using Martha Hill for over 40 years my skin still makes me look 20 years younger than my 71 years (so my friends tell me ! ) "  EB, South Molton

" Love my Martha Hill Evening Primrose "  GE, St Agnes

" Please send skin care set asap as face a red and itchy eczema ess and my friend Mary says your set is just what I need "  SB, Winchester

" I love this product kept my skin looking good for years now "  LB, Liverpool

" I am prone to urticaria and eczema on my face, neck and hands. Have recently tried the Martha Hill Evening Primrose range and am delighted that my skin is starting to look a lot better. "  LS, Lowestoft

" Always pleased with your products, particularly the Evening Primrose skin care items. "  JF, Pathhead

" Love the Evening Primrose Skin Care range. "  JF, Pathhead

" Your Martha Hill range seems to suit my skin....gentle but offering protection. "  JR, Otley

" Hello. Thankyou for being such an amazing company ! I have just tried martha hill evening primrose set and it is incredible ! I am a 52 year old lass with dry red and just dodgy skin and these products have transformed my skin after years of trying all sorts of stuff. Thankyou again "  AW, Northampton