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Soothing Skin Tonic

Martha Hill Soothing Skin Tonic

Soothing Skin Tonic

150ml bottle


Catalog ref: MH-97S

Key Info

  • With meadowsweet & tarvine.
  • For easily irritated, stressed skin.
  • For skin prone to roseacea.


Not just a skin tonic this soothing lotion will tone, refine and gently balance as well as providing soothing hydration to calm and refresh stressed skin.

It effectively completes your skin's cleansing routine while at the same time moisturising and boosting its resilience.

The herbal blend will help soothe and moisturise and the natural anti-inflammatories included in the formulation reduce irritation and help prevent breakouts.

Sodium hyaluronate and oat provides anti-aging benefits to hydrate and help to restore balance and prevent skin from feeling dry, irritated and taut.

This is the optimum tonic for dry, easily irritated, or mature skin.


Meadowsweet (Spirea Ulmaria) - stimulates the skin’s natural anti-bacterial defenses and also reduces pores to improve both skin tone and texture. In clinical trials 71% presented a significant reduction in spots and 75% reported a reduction in pore size.

Tarvine (Boerhavia Diffusa) - is one of the renowned medicinal plants and is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of both environmental and biological stress. Soothes flushed, irritated skin and leaves skin soft and supple. In a consumer trial volunteers reported a significant reduction in redness, sensitivity and irritability.

Gotu Kola - a natural anti-inflamatory and helps to improve circulation, strengthens and protects.

Oat Beta Glucan - demonstrates amazing anti-ageing benefits and improves elasticity. Sodium Hyaluronate - has incredible moisturising benefits and maintains day long hydration. Noted for its anti-ageing benefits helping to improve skin tone.

Aloe Vera - naturally calming, soothing and moisturising.

Witch Hazel - to refine and calm.

Free From

Artificial Colour & Fragrance, Petrochemicals, Alcohol, Parabens Preservative.

Made in the UK.


Gently evens skin tone and reduces redness. Natural anti-ageing ingredients help maintain smooth, supple skin.

To Use

Apply after cleansing morning and night and also use as a cooling spritz for hot, tired, dehydrated skin at any time of the day.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Soothing Skin Tonic

" Soothing Skin Tonic - a really fabulous product. I wouldn't use anything else. "  JC, Norwich

" Love your Soothing Skin Relief products. So nice to use something that doesn't upset my skin. Thank you for creating it! ** "  MB, Girvan

" Following with the Soothing Skin Tonic completes the cleansing. Again you only have to use a little on cotton wool for maximum effect. This is also useful to revitalise skin during the day especially if you're feeling tired. "  BLOG, Parenting Without Tears

" I have sensitive, Eczema and Roseacea prone skin and within a week of using the Soothing Skin Care my skin has never looked better. I am delighted! "  PP, Nottingham

" Fantastic product, was bought some as a gift and love it. Has really helped my rosacea "  VC, Cannock

" Thank you for these lovely products. I experienced years of sun allergy before finding Martha Hill. "  JT, Worcester

" Martha Hill Soothing Skin Tonic is wonderful. It's all I can use. "  BF, Lymm