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Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream

Martha Hill Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream

Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream


Catalog ref: MH-88S

Key Info

  • Perfect for dry and normal, maturing skin.
  • Promotes hydration and prolonged radiance.
  • Restores moisture balance.
  • Ensures lasting comfort.
  • Helps make-up last longer.


This deliciously fragrant daily moisturiser has a light, silky texture and is enriched with a potent blend of botanicals to help fight the visible signs of ageing.

Natural emollients and vitamin A will help to maintain smooth, supple, perfectly hydrated and comfortable skin.

The botanicals that energise this hydrating cream include avocado, carrot oil, sesame oil, plus mimosa and juniper. This balanced blend complements your skin's natural balance, helping to maintain a healthy natural glow.

The refreshing, light formula is a perfect make-up base and includes a low protection sun filter.


Avocado oil
Sesame oil
Vitamin A
Carrot oil
Hydrafleur acti scent

Free From

Artificial colour, Primary petro-chemicals, Parabens preservative.

Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

To Use

Apply daily to face and neck after cleansing.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream

" I love the Mimosa Day Cream, if i could afford it i'd have a tub of it "  MU, Aboyne

" Really good face cream light and a little goes a long way. "  L.W, Manchester

" Your Mimosa Hydrating Skin Care Range is excellent - as are all your skin products! I am constantly being complimented on my complexion - hardly any wrinkles! Not bad for 81 years old. Thank you. "  M.B., Sutton Coldfield

" Love your mimosa day cream! "  GB, Liverpool

" I think this is the best face cream on the market. "  A.W., Bristol

" especially the Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream which is excellent! Have been using it quite regularly since it first came out "  ID, Ashford

" Very good product. Must have more!! "  RH, Malton

" Love your Martha Hill Honey and Mimosa. And your staff are so helpful.Big thank you. ** "  JB, Isle Of Wight

" I saw your offer in the WI Life magazine a few months ago and sent off for a free sample, which you kindly sent out to me - thank you. Having tried the mimosa day cream, I’m hooked - no other face creams match up. Hence today’s order! "  LW, Doncaster

" Have had the Mimosa cream when on offer and really like it "  SL, Stoke-On-Trent

" I was given a free sample of this product and think its excellent! "  H.S., Tring

" Absolutely love using this particular product, have done sof or a long time now. "  PE, Guernsey

" Mimosa Day Cream is worth every penny. "  ME, Birkenhead

" This is the 2nd tub the lady likes it a lot. "  MC, Herts

" Mimosa Hydrating Day Cream - An excellent product. "  L.S., Wimborne

" Back for more of your wonderful Mimosa Hydrating day cream. I wouldn\\'t use anything else now. Best skin ever. Thank you "  JM, Walton-On-Thames

" According to my wife, excellent product! "  J.H., Washington

" The most gorgeous cream I know. "  JS, Leatherhead

" Been a customer for over 15 years now - always use the Martha Hill skincare products. A small but essential bit of comfort in these worrying times. Thank you. "  ID, Ashford

" I have had free samples thro' Daily Telegraph, very good "  MF, Wigton

" The new Mimosa Range is lovely. Feels so refreshing and a wonderful perfume! "  M.G., Cheshire

" absolutely brilliant hydrating cream for sensitive skin. The only one I can use successfully long term. Thank you "  JM, Walton-On-Thames

" My sensitive skin loves the Mimosa range. I've tried other brands from a well known store but keep returning to the soft and silky feel of Mimosa - it makes me feel special. Thank you. "  AS, Derby

" I am really pleased with all your products I buy from you.I certainly find the new Mimosa Day Cream really lovely, as my skin gets so dry. Your service is first class and thank you for all your help. "  M.P., Devon

" Fabulous products. I have been buying for many years and have been delighted with the quality of the products and your impressive customer service "  LH, Alcester

" Lovely cream and does last all day "  GB, Liverpool

" Thank you for making such great products - my skin will always need Martha Hill! "  MC, Glenrothes

" Have tried Mimosa cream before and found it very smooth for my skin. "  A.D., Kinross

" I've tried other brands, some expensive, but, still prefer Martha Hill. Perfect for my mature skin. Love the honey AND mimosa. I buy the two, and mix them together.Perfect, "  JB, Ryde

" Used this before and it is a lovely moisturiser. "  AO, Slough

" I would vote this my best skin care product in a long while. "  M.F., London

" Love the mimosa hydrating cream "  JM, Burton Upon Trent

" Love the smell of the Mimosa products "  CB, Swindon

" Best Day Cream ever used "  VB, Pitlochry

" I am always trying other natural products but invariably return to the lovely Mimosa range. Thank you for your fast and efficient service! "  ID, Ashford

" My skin cannot take rich creams and this is the best cream I have tried. It makes my skin so soft and doesn't give me breakouts. Thank you. "  J.M., Walton on Thames

" The only cream I can use on my very sensitive skin face. Absolutely wonderful product thank you. "  JM, Walton-On-Thames

" The Mimosa Cream is lovely. The best I have used. "  SJ, Colne

" Thank you absolutely love the mimosa face day cream so trying the night cream too! "  JDH, Herne Bay

" Love your product - light easily absorbed non-greasy - perfect! "  SEW, Taunton