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Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream

Martha Hill Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream

Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream

100ml tube

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Key Info

  • With tea tree oil.
  • Softens & nourishes.


An extra rich, nourishing cream to penetrate and soften had, cracked skin.

Soothes and smooths sore, rough patches on heels and on the balls of your feet.

Overworked, tired feet will appreciate a nightly treatment.


Witch Hazel Extract
Sesame Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Honey Extract

Free From

Artificial Colour & Fragrance. Mineral oil. Parabens Preservative.


Cruelty free. Made in the UK.

To Use

Apply at night to feet and ankles, put your feet up and allow the rich cream time to be absorbed.

For badly cracked, hard skin apply liberally and then put on cotton sleep socks.

To keep feet in perfect condition, try a weekly pedicure.

First soak feet in a warm foot bath and then smooth any hard rough skin with a foot file.

Dry thoroughly and then apply the Foot Treatment Cream.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream

" I am grateful for special offer on Extra rich foot treatment cream - it is the best I have ever found and keeps my feet healthy and soft. "  MA, Marlborough

" I am Chiropodist and your Foot Treatment is the best I have used. I do receive (free samples) from different manufacturers and yours comes out the best. Well done. "  M.B., Sheffield

" This cream is absolutely marvellous "  PY, Sheffield

" My husband is thrilled with this product and actually uses it daily! "  SC, Chichester

" This is really really lovely. "  MW, Neston

" I suffer badly with psoriasis on the bottom of my feet, the relief from your Foot Treatment Cream is wonderful. "  C.C., Liskeard

" My podiatrist has said she hasn't seen my feet in such good condition since I started using the Foot Treatment Cream. "  VV, Reading

" This is a really good product. "  BC, Llivepool

" Have used this cream for a few years now. It is brilliant and so is your service ** "  PY, Sheffield

" I think that your Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream is wonderful!! I have very bad feet caused by verruca's when I was about 12 years old. Your cream helps the soreness and the chiropodist can tell I use something very good. Also I love your throat & neck cream. "  PAW, Uttoxeter

" A superb product! "  SA, Altrincham

" It's far better than anything ever received from National Health "  SW, Bonnybridge

" This product is absolutely marvellous "  AN, Blandford Forum

" My Chiropodist and reflexologist noticed an improvement in my skin after I had used your Foot Treatment Cream for a short time. "  E.P., Isle of Man

" Foot Treatment Cream is really good stuff, been using it for years. "  LC, Lytham St Annes

" Your Foot Cream is brilliant. I am diabetic and since using it the nurse says my feet are the in the best condition of any of her patients! "  J.S., York

" Just a note to say how pleased I have always been with the cream and the service "  PY, Sheffield

" I love these products and am spreading the news about them. "  PR, Preston

" Excellent foot product my chiropodist wishes all her clients used it "  IH, Renfrew

" I just wanted to let you know how brilliant I think your Martha Hill Extra Rich Foot Treatment Cream is. I am always a bit sceptical about buying new products which claim to be marvellous. However, in this case, the claims are more than justified. Thank you. "  EH, Gillingham

" Love many of your products! Foot cream especially good. "  GB, Liverpool

" I am pleased that this product is free from Parabens. "  SA, Romford

" Foot Treatment Cream is brilliant stuff "  ML, Ledbury

" Love the Martha Hill Foot Treatment. Can't live without, absolutely indredible! "  IW, Altrincham

" I absolutely love the Martha Hill brand and this product really works! I am so pleased with the results from this product alone! the first use I seen an incredible result! my feet has never felt soooo good and soft and smooth the dry rough skin was gone! It has a nice scent of tea tree not to over powering very subtle.the texture is thick and creamy and luxurious. I highly recommend this foot product to anyone especially diabetics! "  BLOG, Sassy Little Nails

" I just want to say how much I enjoy using your products, particularly the Martha Hill Foot Treatment Cream. It's my favourite, it just seems to sink in perfectly. "  SK, Bury St Edmunds

" Thank you. This is a super product! "  SA, Altrincham

" Your Foot Cream is the best I have ever used! "  P.Y., Sheffield