Lab Nat Washing Machine Non Bio Powder

Lab Nat Washing Machine Non Bio Powder

Washing Machine Non Bio Powder

Lab Nat

Washing Machine Non Bio Powder

500g bag


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Catalog ref: LN-039

Key Info

  • AIAB Certified
  • Anti-Allergy.
  • Only Natural & Mineral Ingredients.
  • Ecological
  • Concentrated


100% natural powder, effective on all your washing.
Gentle on your skin, hypoallergenic and with a delicate fragrance of lavender.


Hyper concentrated

Free From


To Use

Use for both machine and hand washing.
500g provides approx 40 washes.

Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Lab Nat - Washing Machine Non Bio Powder

" Washing Machine powder is excellent "  MW, Launceston

" Still love using the new dishwasher and washing machine powders. Great to be able to use natural products and they are so effective. "  JG, Snodland

" This is very good "  JC, Isle Of Man

" I like the LabNat products as it appears to be economical and I like the ethics of the range. "  JS, Fakenham

" This is the 2nd bag of Washing Powder we have bought - it's brilliant! Economical - you need very little of it and the smell is subtle (hate powerful washing powder smells) and it just works! Never thought I'd give feedback on washing powder - feel like a 1950s housewife! "  JL, Durham

" The free sample of laundry products I received last time showed me how good they are and all the products I have had previously have been lovely and well packed. Great for gift ideas, too. "  JB, Stockton-On-Tees

" Really pleased with my first purchase of your washing powder. "  SH, Lincs

" The Washing Machine Non Bio Powder is very good. I have dermatitis and it's better than ones I've used before "  JB, Huddersfield

" Love the products and just tried the new dishwasher powder on offer and worked very well. Very pleased with this product, already ordering more of this eco/natural product. Far better than eco alternatives in supermarkets! Great to see you are expanding your home cleaning range. From a repeat happy customer. "  JG, Snodland