Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara - Marine

Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara - Marine

Cake Mascara - Marine

Longcils Boncza

Cake Mascara - Marine



4g block


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Catalog ref: LB-1103

Key Info

  • The original.
  • A compact mascara.
  • This most sought after block mascara is back!
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologically tested.


Longcils Boncza cake mascara... once used by Marilyn Monroe is now a favorite of the stars and has a cult following in Hollywood and on the 'catwalk'.

Stroking this lengthening formula of Beeswax and Acacia on your lashes, you are reminded of kindred women who share this glamorous beauty secret.

The formula is gentle yet still provides a dramatic effect with luxuriant looking lashes and you never have to worry about clumping or flaking.


Presented as a solid cake inside a square compact case and including a mirror and applicator brush. The brush is a flat brush (not a spiral wand).

To Use

Just moisten the brush, wipe over the block and sweep over the lashes!

It is in your control as to how much water you add to the brush. Less water makes for a more intense lash, more water for a lighter application.

It's all in the art of the application.

Moisten the brush and work on the cake mascara to obtain a smooth cream. Apply the mascara with the brush from the base to the tip of the eyelashes. Renew the application for a glamorous effect.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Longcils Boncza - Cake Mascara - Marine

" Just what I wanted, mascara goes where I want it, it stays where I put it and it cleans off nicely at the end of the day. "  VV, Brentwood

" Best mascara I have had in years. I will never go back to the wand style again which dries up quickly. The cake mascara goes on easily and will last a very long time. Best buy in ages. "  MEMB, London

" Didn't know you could still get block mascara. So much nicer than smudgy liquid stuff "  JW, Salisbury

" I very much like the products I have recieved, especially the Block Mascara that I have been searching for for years - its brilliant. "  D.B., Barnsley

" If it was good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it is most certainly good enough for us. A beauty secret once clutched tightly to the chest of the most glamorous stars of 1950s Hollywood, you can now give your lashes the star treatment too with this cake mascara. Frame your eyes in a dramatic, luxuriant look with just a stroke of the lengthening yet gentle beeswax and acacia formula every pot contains. And if you want to tone down the smoky look you can just apply more water to your brush or leave it drier to really add something special for an evening out. "  PRESS, Yours Magazine

" Fabulous product, easy to apply. I haven't been able to wear mascara for years, due to an eye condition, but this one doesn't irritate! "  VM, Milton Keynes

" So glad you are making block mascara. I have been searching for ages "  LC, Halstead

" your mascara is fantastic - thank-you "  JS, Stroud

" Granny will be very happy!! she has been trying to find this for years(it will take her back to her youth!) thank you "  L, Bristol

" Love this mascara "  SB, Birmingham

" Yipee!!! Cake mascara is back at last. Thank you so muchx "  BH, Aylesbury

" So pleased to find block mascara again - fantastic "  GS, Milford Haven

" I ordered a cake mascara from you a few weeks ago and I am very impressed with it, thank you! "  RMC, Bolton

" very pleased, years since I have had this mascara "  EJ, Manchester

" Thanks so much- you're the only ones I could find that sell decent cake mascara in the UK! :) "  JGS, Glasgow

" This mascara is easily applied, it has a lovely fragrance too. "  BAC, Sunderland

" Bought as a gift for someone who was reminiscing about cake mascara - they were pleased "  LA, Ormskirk

" Mum has talked about this product since I was a child, amazed to find somewhere that sells it! "  CT, Glastonbury

" Lovely website and cake mascara. "  EB, Bedford

" Was absolutely THRILLED to find a cake mascara! I used to love them when I was a young lady! I hope they do well and they will be staying in your shop because I will be back again, and will recommend you to my BIG circle of friends! :) "  BGB, Doncaster

" I'm happy to find Longcils Blue cake mascara. "  AL, Angelholm

" Lovely product, searched for this for a long time, the 60s are still the best for make-up. This has mad a 70 plus lady very happy!!! "  CS, Bodmin

" Can't believe I can buy this product. Amazing thanks "  JEW, Grantham

" Absolutely brilliant my eye lashes have never looked so good! Very fast delivery thank you. "  AJF, London

" This is my second order for this mascara - says it all! A mascara where YOU are in control Natural and feathery or a little more volume if desired. "  JAW, Stranraer

" Many Thanks The Best Mascara I have used in Years "  MG, Preston

" Step-mother been looking for ages for this 'old-school' product. She's delighted with it! "  S, Blackburn

" Used this countless years ago - really looking forward to trying again "  AC, Falkirk

" This mascara is fantastic. My eyes are very sensitive, but this works a treat. Lasts for ages too. Best mascara ever ! "  SB, Birmingham

" Hi there just loved the caked mascara. "  BM, Wallington

" Glad to have cake mascara back. I haven't been able to use any other mascara for years. I have sensitive eyes and that was the only mascara I could use. Welcome back!! "  PM, Whitstable

" Took me right back to my teens in the 60's. No clumping just each lash individually coloured and separated. Now that I have found a block mascara I won't be going back to the wand type. "  TT, Norwich

" I am enjoying this mascara. "  GR, Lancaster

" Remember this from years ago, love it. "  WS, Bideford

" I love this product. I prefer water soluble but other types end up with me looking like a panda by the end of the day - doesn't happen with this one and the brush gives a finer layer of colour which looks better on more mature people. "  JP, Woodbridge

" Excellent. Better than my usual mascara. Very easy to use "  KR, London

" Been looking for this for years, so happy to find it, how its as good as I remembered , thanks "  DC, Marlow