Lavera Neutral Tooth Gel

Lavera Neutral Tooth Gel

Neutral Tooth Gel


Neutral Tooth Gel

75ml tube


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Key Info

  • For Sensitive Teeth & Gums.
  • Free from fluorides & phosphates.
  • With Sea Salt & natural Silicic Acid.
  • Suitable for use with Homeopathic Treatments.


Contains natural mild cleaning agents and sea salt to ensure gentle removal of plaque.

Regular brushing with tooth gel removes bacterial plaque, which is mainly responsible for caries, parodontosis and tartar.

Lavera Neutral Organic Tooth Gel has natural carvone oil, a component of essential oils which is well tolerated for extremely sensitive teeth.


Suitable for use with homeopathic treatment


100% Natural
Sea Salt
Calendula Extract

Free From

NO Fluoride or Phosphates

To Use

Squeeze 1-2 cms of Lavera Neutral Tooth Gel on a moistened toothbrush, and brush over the teeth and gums for a thorough cleaning.


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