Ice Guard   

Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick

Ice Guard Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick

Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick

120g wind-up stick


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Catalog ref: IG-110

Key Info

  • The original solid stick format.
  • One crystal will last up to one year with normal use!


Made from natural mineral salts and therefore does not contain any perfumes, chemicals or any unnecessary additives. Its unique action eliminates odour by inhibiting bacteria and provides invisible protection all day long.

Ice Guard Deodorant does not block the pores and leaves no sticky or oily residue, which means no annoying white marks.


Unscented, non sticky, non staining, no aluminium chlorohydrate.

To Use

After bathing apply the natural crystal deodorant before drying or alternatively moisten the top of the crystal before application.

Can be used under arms and on soles of feet.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

Ice Guard - Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick

" I hope you never stop selling these crystal deodorant sticks! I think they are marvellous, and the only ones I've found that don't make me itch!! Thank you. "  CJ, Corby

" I have been using this product for years its the best!! "  CC, Darlington

" The natural crystal deodorant stick is the best purchase I have made, it is really kind to the skin (don't know you are wearing it). I am purchasing another for my daughter, think it will last forever. "  AW, Plymouth

" Back to Natural Crystal Deodorant stick - can't beat it "  VS, Bedworth