Foundation Brush Colour Edition

Benecos Foundation Brush Colour Edition

Foundation Brush Colour Edition

yellow handle


Catalog ref: BK-450

Key Info

  • Yellow Handle
  • Vegan


Easy to use, giving an even, streak-free make-up application. The gentle soft foundation brush is suitable to use with liquid foundations and creamy make up, allowing you to evenly apply your foundation resulting in a natural, flawless, beautiful make up look ready for blusher and powder.

The synthetic bristles are made from toray fibres which makes this foundation brush very suitable for vegans. The yellow coloured handle is made from FSC certified birch wood and recyclable aluminium.


Easily found in your make up bag
Suitable for Vegans
Streak-free application
Suitable for Liquid Foundations and Creamy Make Up
Even application
Soft bristles
Can be used wet or dry

To Use

Start in the middle of your face and work outwards, blending as you go.


Wash your foundation brush with a natural liquid soap. Squirt a little soap in the palm of your hand, wet the brush and swirl it around in the soap. Once all the bristles are covered in the soap, rinse the soap off in warm water, do not immerse the complete brush in water, just the bristles.
When clean and rinsed squeeze out the excess water with a towel and then let the foundation brush dry naturally.