Body Lotion - Lemon Balm

Benecos Body Lotion - Lemon Balm

Body Lotion - Lemon Balm

150ml tube


Discountined, no longer available.

Catalog ref: BK-174

Key Info

  • Melissa


Moisturise your skin daily with the natural benecos body lotion giving a fresh citrus aroma of Melissa to your body.

The fast absorbing body lotion leaves no greasy feeling and is gentle on your skin.

Melissa stimulates the circulation, calms and soothes the skin and is a perfect natural ingredient for those with slightly oily skin.

The moisturising formula contains organic sunflower oil and organic lime blossom water to leave skin feel soft and smooth.


Skin is moisturised

Skin feels soft

Skin feels smooth


Locks in moisture

Prevents dryness

Lustrous looking skin

Idea for dry skin

Plumps skin

Quickly absorbs into skin

No greasy feeling


Sunflower Oil

Melissa Flower Water

Elderberry Extract

Nettle Extract

Rosehip Extract

Calendula Extract

Lime Flower Extract

Burdock Extract

Free From

All natural

BDIH Certified


To Use

Apply to damp skin and gently massage into skin with a circular movement.


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