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Lip Stain - Nude

by Palladio


44ml pen




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  • Extra long wearing lip stain.


At last colour that stays - the answer to the problem of 'bleeding' lipstick and lipstick that disappears.

The hydrating and waterproof formula does not dry out your lips and is enriched with moisturising panthenol.

Lip Stains come in natural tones that can be used alone or mixed to create a unique pallet or your favourite colour.

You can also use the stain as a base for your usual lipstick, alone for a sheer lip enhancing colour or with a shine enhancing gloss.

Free From

Mineral Oil

To Use

Presented as a felt tipped pen for easy application and to create a perfect line.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Palladio - Lip Stain - Nude

" Their lip stain pens are absolutely great – easy and smooth application, with no bleeding or fading. There are six natural tones to choose from, but as Palladio suggests, you can also apply one on top of another to give a more unique colour. "  Blog Healthista

" It's the best I've ever had. Absolutely brilliant. "  SC Woodford Green

" Palladio lip stain is excellent ,very long lasting leaving colour when worn under a lipstick or on it\s own as a matte finish. an expensive French cosmetic make used to do similar but no longer available. This is just as good and cheaper. "  CS Bromley

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