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Professional Slant Tip Tweezers

by Vitry






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  • Stainless steel.


Professional general use tweezers with perfectly aligned slant tips. Guaranteed to grab the hair everytime.

These are the best tweezers money can buy.

Stainless steel with an enamel finish.

Its beveled slant ends allow a better grip and maximum user comfort.

Perfect Tweezing

Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.

1. Define the start of eyebrows.
Draw a vertical imaginary line against the nose. Remove unwanted hairs above this line

2. Define the end of eyebrows.
Draw an imaginary line from the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Remove unwanted hairs above this line.

3. Draw the shape of eyebrows you want.
Remove the hairs under the line of the eyebrows.

The first two thirds of the eyebrow should be the ascending line of hair and the last third should be descending line of hair.