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Pure Deodorant (new bigger size)

by PureDeo


60ml wind-up




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  • 20ml extra FREE
  • Fragranced only with pure camomile.


This exclusive formation contains natural vegetable enzymes to effectively neutralize odours and will keep you fresh all day long.

With the subtle, fresh fragrance of Camomile this mild deodorant will not block pores or cause irritation.

Presented as a solid stick in a convenient wind up case. Simply turn the dial to raise the product.

Free From

Aluminium, Preservatives, Artificial Colour, Perfume.

Comments & Customer Reviews

PureDeo - Pure Deodorant (new bigger size)

" Your pure deodorant is the best I've ever used "  WK Troon

" This is a brilliant product. Thank you for your service. "  JS Sidcup

" The best deodorant and the best lip balm "  WK Troon

" The very best deodorant. "  WK Troon

" Thank you for a really good perfumeless deodorant "  SB Maybole

" Pure deodorant is a great product- no high scented smell, no aluminium taste in the mouth and it works. "  SB Maybole


  • Aluminium & parabens free deodorants.

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