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Three in One Pencil Sharpener

by Palladio




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  • A convertible sharpener.
  • Includes a plastic blade cleaning stick.
  • With strong stainless steel blades.


If you use Lip or Eye Crayons a suitable sharpener is a 'must'. With two different sized blades for thick or thin pencils,plus a pull out adaptor for really chunky pencils this is the only way to keep all your pencils in perfect condition and shape.

The deluxe sharpener has a lift up cover and base to collect shavings.

This convertible 3-in-1 sharpener is all the sharpener you will ever need.

Made with stainless steel blades, this extremely strong sharpener comes with a protective cover to avoid mess and a plastic stick to help keep it clean.

Made in Germany.

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  • Full colour make-up range for complexion, eyes, lips and brows.

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