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Deep Cleansing Cloths

by Human + Kind


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  • Super soft 2-in-1 deep cleansing Cloths.
  • The ultimate skin pampering experience.


These beautifully soft cloths will gently exfoliate skin cells, remove make-up and other impurities and stimulate circulation to leave skin fresh, glowing and brighter. and beautifully pared back skin.

Unlike any other deep cleansing cloths, this one is unique in its texture. This cloth has two sides, one side to deeply cleanse and softly exfoliate dead skin cells and the other to smooth and brighten the skin leaving it truly clean of all the days dirt and oils.


Remove all traces of make-up effortlessly.
Stimulate circulation for a health glow.
Exfoliate skin cells.
Leave skin completely free of impurities.
Are machine washable.
Are long lasting.
Can be used alone with warm water, or with facial cleanser.
Are suitable for all skin conditions.
Kind to the environment too!

Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm.

To Use

Make these Deep Cleansing Cloths a daily part of your beauty regime.

Wet face and cloth and apply your cleanser or face wash to face.
Move cloth in circular massage movements to stimulate the skin, remove dead skin cells and lift away impurities and make-up.

For best results use every morning and evening while cleansing.

Human + Kind

Human + Kind

  • Skincare with a conscience.
  • Gentle, effective, multi-tasking skin miracles.

Human + Kind believe being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself.

They passionately believe that human kindness is the balm of life, which is why they developed the Human+Kind range of sensational natural beauty products.

Gentle, effective, multi-tasking skin miracles without any of the harmful petrochemicals.

They use selected Mother Nature’s kindest ingredients blended with timeless beauty secrets from around the world. So you get all the beauty benefits with none of the ‘nasties.’

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