Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We know your personal information is important, that's why we have an honest and simple company policy regarding privacy:

  • We only ask for the minimum information required to process your order.
  • We do not disclose or sell your details to other companies (third parties).

The information we collect from you is for the purpose of processing your order and keeping you informed of our products and offers. We fully comply with all relevant UK & EU legislation and regulations regarding data protection, consumer protection, distance selling and electronic communications.

To process your order we only require your name, postal address, phone number (optional) and email address.

Customer Database

In our customer database we only store information relating to your orders. This includes your name, postal address, email address, telephone number (optional) and the items ordered.

  • We do not store or have access to your debit or credit card details.
  • We do not store or ask for non relevant personal information such as your date of birth, or answers to personal security questions.

You can request, at any time, to be removed from our records.