Credit Card Security

Credit Card Security

Credit/Debit Cards

Your order and credit/debit card details are processed safely on a secure server. Your card number is automatically encrypted so it can not be read by humans.


Your card is pre-authorised at the time of placing the order. This creates a pending payment that is reserved for up to 7 days.

Full payment is only taken when your parcel is ready for dispatch. This is normally within 1 to 3 working days of receiving your order.

Industry Compliant

We use Monek and Lloyds Bank Cardnet to charge your card.

Our payment process is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, and is approved by Lloyds Bank.

Beauty Naturals do NOT (at any time) have access to your card number.

Check out with PayPal

If your order is over £10, you can also choose to Check out with PayPal.

This means payment will taken from your PayPal account, and you will benefit from all the safety and security they offer.