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Aquaball - Aqua Laundry Ball

Aqua Laundry Ball

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TW-AB12 | 2 ball kit | Sold Out

2 ball kit
Sold Out

Multi-Stain Remover

Aquaball | more info....

TW-AB05 | 160g tube | Sold Out

160g tube
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  • Environmentally-friendly, hypo-allergenic alternative to laundry washing powder.

Additional Information

* Re-usable for 120 washes.¬* Costs only pennies per load.¬* Environmentally safe.¬* No harsh chemicals.¬* Soap & detergent free.¬* Anti-bacterial.!¬* Free of dyes & perfume.¬* Won’t fade colours.¬* Prevents fibre damage.¬* No soapy residue.