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Pur - Active Cooling Foot Scrub

Active Cooling Foot Scrub

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PU-FCS | 150ml jar | Sold Out

150ml jar
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Pur - Deep Penetrating Foot Butter

Deep Penetrating Foot Butter

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PU-FPB | 50ml jar | Sold Out

50ml jar
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Pur - Stimulating Fruit Foot Balm

Stimulating Fruit Foot Balm

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PU-FFC | 100ml tube | Sold Out

100ml tube
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Pur Natural Footcare.

  • Organic 100% natural preparations.

A range of organic 100% natural preparations that actively stimulate and enhance the skin's own renewal and repair systems.

Based in Wales the company use only the best natural oils and extracts - welsh honey and celtic sea salt are sourced locally.