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Logona - Age-Protection Wrinkle Therapy Fluid

Age-Protection Wrinkle Therapy Fluid

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LG-0680 | 30ml pump bottle | Sold Out

30ml pump bottle
Sold Out

Logona - Aloe Hydrating Gel

Aloe Hydrating Gel

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LG-0686 | 30ml tube | Sold Out

30ml tube
Sold Out

Logona - Avocado Vitamin Cream

Avocado Vitamin Cream

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LG-0751 | 50ml tube | Sold Out

50ml tube
Sold Out

Logona - Eye Make-Up Remover Oil

Eye Make-Up Remover Oil

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LG-1084 | 100ml bottle | Sold Out

100ml bottle
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Logona - Herbal Hair Colour Cream

Herbal Hair Colour Cream

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LG-1116 | Copper Blonde | Sold Out

Copper Blonde
Sold Out

LG-1122 | Nougat Brown | Sold Out

Nougat Brown
Sold Out

LG-1119 | Teak | Sold Out

Sold Out

LG-1118 | Tizian | Sold Out

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Logona - Soft Pads

Soft Pads

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LG-231 | 50 pads | Sold Out

50 pads
Sold Out

Logona - Tinted Day Cream

Tinted Day Cream

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LG-770 | Beige Gold | Sold Out

Beige Gold
Sold Out

LG-771 | Golden Bronze | Sold Out

Golden Bronze
Sold Out

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  • Natural Cosmetics.

Additional Information

About Logona.

Logona products don't contain any Parabens, Phthalates, Petroleum or Mineral based oils. All products are manufactured without the use of Synthetic Preservatives, Synthetic Colourants, PEGs and Genetically Modified ingredients. They include organically grown ingredients where possible, and where an organic option is not available the most natural alternative is chosen.