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Karpati - Diamond Finish Top Coat

Diamond Finish Top Coat

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KA-DF | 11.5ml bottle | Sold Out

11.5ml bottle
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Karpati - Karpati 'Dito' Nail Lacquer

Karpati 'Dito' Nail Lacquer

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KA-NL60 | Allure | Sold Out

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KA-NL26 | Crispy Apple | Sold Out

Crispy Apple
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KA-NL09 | Fuschia Breeze | Sold Out

Fuschia Breeze
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KA-NL03 | Lily Crown | Sold Out

Lily Crown
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KA-NL05 | Marsh Mellow | Sold Out

Marsh Mellow
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KA-NL15 | Pretty In Pink | Sold Out

Pretty In Pink
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KA-NL16 | Rose Champagne | Sold Out

Rose Champagne
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KA-NL11 | Seduced | Sold Out

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Karpati 'Dito' Nail Lacquer.

This premium collection of Nail Lacquers has been created from the finest base-materials to provide a long lasting, streak free, extra shiny and fast drying lacquer of outstanding and superior quality.

The innovative bottle is shaped to rest over two fingers so on the go touch ups or at-home manicures are a breeze. The bottle features clever little cut-out sections which, when you slip your index and middle finger through, means that the bottle then sits effortlessly on top of your hand while you paint away. Genius! The design is so unique, the Museum of Modern Art in New York has included the polishes in their collection.

Free from Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalte.

Additional Information

About Dito Nail Lacquers.

The brushes are of a finer filament than the standard brush used today. This provides a softer, more luxurious feel during the application.

Each bottle contains two stainless steel adulator balls to prevent any rusting that may spoil the polish. This stainless steel feature is unique in that most nail polishes on the market today do not include a means such as this for prevention of rust and clogging.