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Black Palm

Black Palm - Black Palm Natural Soft Soap

Black Palm Natural Soft Soap

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50g tube
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Black Palm.

Black Palm is a natural soft soap made from Cocoa Pod Husks, Palm Kernel Oil and moisturising Shea Butter.

The Shea Butter is harvested from managed wild forests in Ghana and extracted by hand to preserve its healing properties. Unlike conventional soaps no chemical alkali is used to ‘saponify’ the oils and the natural glycerine made during the process is not 'salted out' but retained in the soap - adding its moisturising, humectant properties to those of the shea butter. Hand made, from a centuries old recipe traditionally used in Africa for washing wounds and soothing irritated skin, it does not contain any detergents or synthetic additives.

Perfect for travel, the honey coloured, soft gel is packaged in a convenient recyclable tube. The lightweight tubes are food grade, lined aluminium which means they can be recycled with drinks and food cans. As the soap is also totally biodegradable and chemical-free it is perfect for responsible eco-travel. Not only can the soap be used with water to give a light lather it can be used as a cleanser and simply wiped off with tissue.