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Bad Apple

Bad Apple - Jelly Nail Varnish

Jelly Nail Varnish

Bad Apple | more info....

BP-JBP | Belly Pink | Sold Out

Belly Pink
Sold Out

BP-JBU | Bubberlicious Pink | Sold Out

Bubberlicious Pink
Sold Out

BP-JRN | Jelly Rude Nude | Sold Out

Jelly Rude Nude
Sold Out

BP-JPA | Pink Apple | Sold Out

Pink Apple
Sold Out

BP-JRP | Red Apple | Sold Out

Red Apple
Sold Out

BP-JRA | Ruby Apple | Sold Out

Ruby Apple
Sold Out

Bad Apple - Sheer Nail Varnish

Sheer Nail Varnish

Bad Apple | more info....

BP-NAK | Akane | Sold Out

Sold Out

BP-NAL | Alkmene | Sold Out

Sold Out

BP-NAN | Anna | Sold Out

Sold Out

BP-NBN | Barn | Sold Out

Sold Out

BP-NDB | Disco Blue Denim | Sold Out

Disco Blue Denim
Sold Out

BP-NGP | Gala Pink | Sold Out

Gala Pink
Sold Out

BP-NGD | Golden Delicious | Sold Out

Golden Delicious
Sold Out

BP-NRD | Red Delicious | Sold Out

Red Delicious
Sold Out

BP-TBC | Top & Base | Sold Out

Top & Base
Sold Out

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Bad Apple Nail Varnish

  • No Drip, No Chip, High Gloss.
  • Free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP & Parabens.
  • Made in the UK.

Bad Apple prides itself on their collection of unique and innovative shades of nail varnishes.

Bad Apple nail varnishes are made from quality material and are designed to be used by the professionals.

Bad Apple nail varnishes are no drip, no chip and high gloss.

Bad Apple Cosmetics do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.

All Bad Apple Cosmetic products are both designed and manufactured in England.


The Bad Apple design was developed by Darren Woods who prides himself on being the sole designer of these exclusive colours. By drawing upon his extensive experience within the industry and from all the advice he has given to others about colours, he has finally been able to design and develop his own range of stunning nail varnishes.