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Well.Actually. Liposomal Nutrients

Well.Actually. Liposomal Nutrients

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Liposomal Nutrients

  • Advanced Liposomal Nutrient Delivery System
  • Advanced Nutrient Absorption
  • Quality Nutrition For Less

Well.Actually. Liposomal Nutrients are high-quality and are:
Free from alcohol, dairy, soy, gluten & wheat
Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives
Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
Naturally flavoured

The term Liposome is derived from the Greek term ‘lipos’ which means fat and ‘soma’ which means 'for body'.

Liposomes are created when a ‘phospholipid bi-layer’ surrounds the active ingredients within a hydro aqueous solution such as water.

Whilst a fairly new phenomenon in the dietary supplement arena, which is currently turning the market of traditional dietary supplementation on its head, Liposomes have been around for nearly 30 years. They were first discovered by the British haematologist Dr Alec D Bangham in 1964 (Published 1965), at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge.

Evolving technological advancements in liposomal encapsulation, and a growing desire for high-quality supplements synonymous with the term’ high bio-availability’ place Liposomes at the forefront of effective nutritional supplementation.

Well.Actually. use one of the world's leading patented liposome expertise, and UK leading laboratory with production facility accredited with both, BRCGS and GMP quality standards.


The easiest way to check that a product contains liposomes is to always read the label. Liposomes are usually formed with phospholipids, the most abundant of which is phosphatidylcholine. If the product contains this ingredient, you will be assured that it is a true Liposomal product.