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Paul Penders - Aqualuna Illuminating Cream

Aqualuna Illuminating Cream

20g pump bottle

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Paul Penders - Dry Skin Relief

Dry Skin Relief

30g pump bottle

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Paul Penders - Herbal Lemon Conditioner

Herbal Lemon Conditioner

200ml bottle

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Paul Penders - Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo

Time-Release Jasmine Shampoo

250ml bottle

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Paul Penders
Paul Penders

Paul Penders

  • Effective solutions to create beauty and balance in your skin.
  • With LevensESSENTIE Gold - the "Essence of Life"

Each Paul Penders product is infused with "Essence of Life" or LevensESSENTIE GoldĀ®, a 100-year old traditional formulation of the Penders family.

This unique herbal extract combines 22 Eastern and Western organic herbs which work to restore balance and vitality to skin and hair.

They are prepared in a similar way to ancient Ayurvedic methods: where herbs are used to balance body, mind and spirit.

Let the "Essence of Life" bring out YOUR beauty - Naturally!


Today, the company continues to create skincare innovations using organic ingredients based on traditional recipes.
They continue to operate as a family concern, secure in the knowledge that their ideals and beliefs will be passed on through future generations.