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Otosan - Otosan Ear Spray

Otosan Ear Spray

50ml Spray bottle


Otosan - Otosan Fortuss Cough Syrup

Otosan Fortuss Cough Syrup

150ml bottle

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Otosan - Otosan Natural Nasal Spray

Otosan Natural Nasal Spray

30ml spray

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Otosan - Otosan Natural Throat Gel

Otosan Natural Throat Gel

14 x 10ml sachets

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Otosan - Throat Spray

Throat Spray

30ml spray bottle

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  • Natural products for a better life,
  • Dermatologicaaly tested.
  • For ear, nose & throat health.

Established in the 1980's from an idea inspired by popular tradition, the company focuses its activities on personal well-being and the natural remedies of the past.

They focus on ear, nose & throat health.