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Lab Nat Eco Deodorants

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Lab Nat
Lab Nat

Organic Deodorants

  • Enriched with Organic Aloe Vera & Alum Rock.
  • Certified by AIAB - (Italian Association for Organic Farming).

Organic Deodorants with Alum Rock to effectively neutralise odours without blocking pores or causing irritation.
They help to prevent redness, swelling and itching allowing the skin to breathe.
Available in either spray, roll-on or gel formulations.

Alum Vs Aluminium

Aluminum Hydrochloride which is found in many anti-perspirant / deodorants blocks epithelial transpiration (sweating) and closes the pores. Toxins which should be naturally expelled remain trapped causing blocked pores and swollen glands.

Labnatù deodorants use Alum Rock, a salt with natural origin, as the active principle to naturally kill bacteria that cause bad smell.

Free From

Alcohol, Parabens, Aluminum Chlorohydrate.