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  • High quality skincare for all skin-types.
  • Locally produced using fresh, natural and traceable ingredients.
  • Eco-friendly packaging decorated with limited edition designs.

SteamCream represents the latest concept in skincare.

Using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process, STEAMCREAM provides a long-lasting, intensive and effective form of skincare that can be used on Face, Body and Hands.


Steam has been recognised for its benefits to skincare for centuries. Which is why STEAMCREAM uses pure, unrefined steam directly into the cream. The result is a soft, luxuriant and glossy cream. STEAMCREAM breaks down immediately on contact with the skin to disperse each ingredient directly to the areas they're designed to benefit.

How The Steam Process Works

The power and energy produced by bubbling steam melts and fuses the ingredients together at a speed that defies most traditional cream-making methods. The force and intensity allow the ingredients to emulsify instantly, producing this beautifully textured light and glossy cream.

The emulsion is held together very loosely and gently, allowing the cream to break down immediately on contact with the skin for maximum benefit. STEAMCREAM refreshes areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.

Key Ingredients


Oatmeal Infusion

Oats are the gentlest of cereals. They are renowned for their moisturising and soothing effects, especially for dry skin conditions. When steeped in water to form an infusion, they release a soothing milk - the main ingredient in the cream.

Almond Oil

Contains high levels of vitamin E and is considered to be the finest vegetable oil for the skin. Softening and easily absorbed, it helps condition the skin to minimize moisture loss and keep it plump, radiant and healthy.


Helps the skin to absorb moisture and carries the other water-based ingredients into the skin. A traditional ingredient used in cosmetics for many years.

Lavender Oil

With its unique healing properties, lavender contains antiseptic components and can help to reduce inflamed or sore skin.

Orange Flower Water

A floral water made with pure Orange Flower Absolute. Orange Flower helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and is particularly beneficial for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Cocoa Butter

Softening and gives a glossy sheen on the surface of the skin. Helps create the rich texture of the cream with its magical, emulsifying qualities.

Organic Jojoba Oil

Described as a liquid wax, this cold-pressed organic Jojoba oil is the lightest vegetable oil. Combined with almond oil, it helps create an easily-absorbed cream,which is light and non-greasy.


A natural blend of pure essential oils that are extremely effective on the skin. The blend includes Orange Blossom Absolute, Neroli Oil and healing Camomile Blue Oil. Rose Absolute, an up-lifting oil also adds toning and soothing qualities. The other essential oils used in the perfume blend are a little secret!