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Ureka - Footcare Cream - 10% Urea

New  Footcare Cream - 10% Urea

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UK-A2 | 100ml tube |  £6.95  | £ 5.40 | Add to Basket

100ml tube
 £6.95  | £ 5.40 | Add to..

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Ureka - Footcare Cream - 25% Urea

Footcare Cream - 25% Urea

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UK-A1 | 50ml tube | £ 5.95 | Out of Stock

50ml tube
£ 5.95 | Out of Stock

Ureka - Tea Tree Foot Care Cream

Tea Tree Foot Care Cream

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UK-A4 | 100ml tube |  £6.90  | £ 5.20 | Add to Basket

100ml tube
 £6.90  | £ 5.20 | Add to..

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Introducing Ureka...
a new range of footcare creams forming a complete solution to maintain healthy feet.
Formulated with the finest ingredients, Ureka is suitable to treat a variety of foot problems, luxuriously, effectively and above all, simply.offer tailor-made solutions to the most common foot skin problems.
Ureka are committed to providing very competitively priced products to maintain healthy feet.

About Urea

Urea is produced commercially in the laboratory from two raw materials, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Also known as carbamide-containing cream, is used as a medication and applied to the skin to treat dryness and itching.
Laboratory manufactured urea can be helpful in treating scaly skin, corns, calluses, and ingrown nails. By increasing moisture levels within the skin, urea not only softens and reduces rough texture, but it also has a localized anesthetic effect, helping to curtail cycles of itching, irritation, and flare-ups.