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Martha Hill Camomile

Martha Hill - Chamomile Facial Cleansing Gel

New  Chamomile Facial Cleansing Gel

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MH-134 | 100ml pump bottle | £ 8.00 | Add to Basket

100ml pump bottle
£ 8.00 | Add to Basket

Martha Hill - Camomile Moisture Milk

Camomile Moisture Milk

Martha Hill | more info....

MH-101M | 250ml bottle | £ 8.80 | Out of Stock

250ml bottle
£ 8.80 | Out of Stock

MH-101T | 50ml bottle | £ 2.70 | Out of Stock

50ml bottle
£ 2.70 | Out of Stock

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Martha Hill

Camomile Skin Care Range.

  • Recommended for Combination skin and for skin prone to Acne.

Camomile has long been recognised as a valuable aid to beauty and the herb was widely used in skin, hair and bath preparations. Camomile is a gentle herb and has a calming, soothing effect on damaged or sensitive skin.

Martha Hill Cucumber Skin Tonic is the ideal tonic to include with the Camomile range.