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Persian Rose

Hair Repair Cream

by Hairwonder




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150ml tube
  • Daily care & repair.
  • All hair types.
  • Leave-in formula.
  • Enriched with 8 certified organic ingredients.
  • Paraben free.


Instantly makes the hair healthy, shiny, silky soft and easy to comb. Strengthens the hair and helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends.

For all hair types and daily use. Ideal for dry, dull, frizzy, static and damaged hair.

Enriched with 8 certified organic ingredients, Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5.


Jojoba seed oil
Provitamin B5
Vitamin E
Corn protein
Wheat protein
Soy protein
Rooibos leaf extract
Green Tea leaf extract
Senna leaf extract
Matricaria flower extract
Hops extract
Lemon Balm leaf extract
Ginseng root extract
Rosemary leaf extract

To Use

Apply a small amount on dry or towel dry hair. Do not rinse. Non greasy.


Use in combination with Hair Repair Shampoo or Hair Repair Gloss Shampoo.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Hairwonder - Hair Repair Cream

" This product is very good, which is why I keep re-ordering it. "  MJM London

" Hairownder Hair Repair Cream is wonderful product. It's really good for an older person to moisturise the hair and give it some shine. "  AD Taunton

"Henna Plus - Repair Cream works like magic on my dry hair. Immediate softness & shine, without being greasy - Love it."  P.M. Cardiff

"You sent me a free sample of this Hair Repair Cream - it is wonderful hence my order today for more - thank you".  A. M. Rotherham

" In the 1980s I used your old hair repair cream & now love the Henna Hair Repair. Keep up the good work."  Y.A. North Creake.

"I have always had dry - hard to control hair, tried every product I could get to no avail. Then I tried your 'Henna Plus' Repair Cream - Wonderful - no more dry hair."  D.W. Leicester

"Please may I thank the person who invented Hair Repair Cream.I am at last able to have a decent 'Hair Do' at the age of 81. My hair has always been dead straight but now I have wavy hair with afew curls.Hairdressers are now very expensive,so I always do my own hair and am now very content.Once again thank you."  M.G. Banstead.

"Purchasing Henna Plus because of the fab sample you sent me in my last order!"  I.B. London

"A useful, leave-in hair cream that conditons and repairs. It's non greasy and can be applied on either damp or dry hair."  What We Say


Hairwonder by nature

  • The secret to healthy hair!
  • Hair specialist since 1985.

Hairwonder makes your hair stronger. Besides the certified organic ingredients we also add a unique combination of Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5 to each Hairwonder product.

Scientific research has proven that Phytokeratin and Provitamin B5 make the hair stronger, hydrate and provide superior shine.

Most Hairwonder products are Paraben free. The range is not tested on animals. Innovations that contribute to a sustainable way of life and health.

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