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Colorflage Conditioner - Boldly Black

by Giovanni


250ml bottle




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Perfectly PlatinumBeautifully BlondeRemarkably RedBrazenly Brunette
  • Daily color defense conditioner.
  • With an exclusive antioxidant-powered UV fade-resistant system.
  • Protect while revealing the deep, mysterious depth of the darkest hair.
  • PurePremium technology.


Treat the deep mystery of black hair.

Boldly Black Colorflage Conditioner encourages the darkest shades to the surface as it conditions and treats hair to silky shine. A brilliant-berry-cocktail of blackberry and boysenberry along with licorice extract combine with other powerful conditioning ingredients so that black hair radiates health.


Protect. Condition. Defend.

Protect: Exclusive UV fade-resistant system shields hair, maintaining color vibrancy and integrity.

Condition: Nourishing, antioxidant-powered conditions shield against color wash-out.

Defend: Exclusive sealants smooth frizz and static while also defending hair against thermal damage.

Renew: Enriched color-lockers rebuild strength in rough, porous hair to make 'new'.

PurePremium Technology blends the purest ingredients with advanced applied science creating formulas that deliver the highest, salon-quality performance, with naturally exquisite results.


Vitamin B5
Walnut leaf extract
Licorice extract
Boysenberry) extract
Blackberry extract
Ratanhia root extract
Scotch Broom extract
Essential oil fragrance

To Use

Work through freshly shampooed hair, leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and go wildly into that colorful night...and day.


  • Protect. Defend. Shield. Restore
  • Be bold, be strong, be gorgeous. Be colorful. Naturally!

These color-specific formulas contain an exclusive antioxidant-powered UV fade-resistant system that works together to keep color stronger, longer.

Because color treated hair requires specific care the range delivers shampoo and conditioning systems that interlock to protect, defend and entice exquisite shine to the surface.

Both the shampoo and conditioning formulas defend against fade-out due to constant washings.

Extraordinary antioxidant protection works to keep the hair color locked in place, longer than ever. Hair color stays stronger, longer!

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