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Adjustable Tongue Cleaner

by Dr Tung's




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  • Your breath's friend.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Removes bacteria.
  • Improves taste.
  • Stainless steel. Hygienic. Lasts for years.


Cleans in just 10 seconds! For fresher breath and a cleaner mouth, use Dr.Tung's Tongue Cleaner, the top choice of dentists and health experts.

It glides on the tongue and removes harmful bacteria and debris even from the back of the tongue - guaranteed! Dental experts say its about 5x more effective for tongue cleaning than a toothbrush! (Toothbrushes - designed for teeth - also tend to 'grip' the tongue and can cause discomfort or gagging.)

Designed especially for tongue cleaning. Dr.Tung's cleaner is comfortable, effective, easy to use, and lasts for years.

To Use

1. Plase cleaner on tongue as far back as is comfortable.
2. Gently glide the cleaner forward, 'scraping' off unwanted matter.
3. Repeat 3 or 4 times.
4. Rinse well.
5. Use twice daily for best results.


Use with one hand or both hands for more precise control and comfort.

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Dr Tung's

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