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Honey Skin Care Set

by Martha Hill


3 x Standard




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  • Perfect for skin that is dry and sensitive.
  • Enriched with Apricot Oil and Green Tea.


The skin care set includes everything you need for a balanced daily skin care regime and includes our 3 Honey Skin Care products at a discounted price.

Included are:
Honey Cleansing Lotion 150ml : creamy and skin smoothing.
Honey Hydro Moisturiser 50ml : light, calming and soothing.
Honey Treatment Cream 50ml: rich and soothing.


Apricot Oil
Green Tea

Free From

Artificial Colour

To Use

1. Cleanse morning and night. Remove with either warm water or skin tonic.
2. Apply the day cream to face, neck and upper bust area.
3. At night cleanse and then apply the rich Treatment Cream.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Martha Hill - Honey Skin Care Set

" I love Martha Hill products, and i'm not going to order anywhere else other than Beauty Naturals! "  KJVV Brighton

" Martha Hill products are superb "  PP Trowbridge

"I love your Honey Skin Care Range and would not think of using anything else."  E.M. Sutton

"What else can i say but a big THANK YOU! I've developed Rosacea 6 months ago which affected my life dramatically.I've tried everything and nothing worked.A friend suggested Beauty Naturals and I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel!! First i'd ordered the Roseacea+Blotch Skin Cream which calmed my skin within a few days. Never the less the Honey Skin Care Range are the best products for me!I know my skin condition will never go away but thanks to your products it is manageable and at least I feel better about my appearance. Thank you."  L.L.

"Love your Honey Products,absolutely wonderful! Deffinately recommend."  J.B. Ryde.

"Lovely products,calmed post antibiotic rash on my face."  J.L. Dover

Martha Hill

Martha Hill

Martha Hill

  • Serious herbal skin care for over 40 years.

With the original range formulated in the late 1960's Martha Hill was well ahead of her time in producing a range of skincare products based on the purest natural ingredients.

All Martha Hill products are formulated to react to your skin's daily needs. They are finely balanced to ensure that your skin receives the care it deserves. Based on a carefully researched combination of the finest natural oils and extracts they are designed to cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish: the four essential steps to a healthy, glowing complexion.

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