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Faithful Friend Dirty Dog Shampoo

by Faith In Nature


400ml bottle




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  • Natural Conditioning.
  • With Tea Tree Oil.


A wonderfully natural shampoo for your faithful friend, created with natural ingredients, bursting with invigorating aromas and avoiding all nasty chemicals.

Suitable for dogs and puppies of all ages, Faithful Friend shampoo will clean and freshen the coat whilst the gentle formula will leave your dog feeling recharged and ready for life.


Sea Salt
Tea Tree Oil
Wheat Protein
Sunflower Oil

Free From


To Use

Wet the coat with clean warm water and gently massage a generous helping of Faithful Friend in to create a natural lather.
Rinse and repeat if required.
Try to avoid eyes and ears.
Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Faith In Nature Pet Care

Pet Care

  • Natural Shampoo.
  • Made in the UK

Natural shampoos crafted with lovely natural ingredients, crammed with invigorating aromas.

Free from chemicals because when it comes to pet products and looking after your faithful friend, you shouldn’t compromise.

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