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Simply Gentle

Simply Gentle - Organic 3 in 1 Cosmetics Wipes

New  Organic 3 in 1 Cosmetics Wipes

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RH-G51 | 25 wipes | £ 3.00 | Add to Basket

25 wipes
£ 3.00 | Add to Basket

Simply Gentle - Organic Cotton Cloths

New  Organic Cotton Cloths

Simply Gentle | more info....

RH-G61 | 30 cloths | £ 3.00 | Add to Basket

30 cloths
£ 3.00 | Add to Basket

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Simply Gentle

Simply Gentle.

  • Gentle on the environment.
  • Gentle on the farmers.
  • Gentle on you.

Macdonald & Taylor were the first UK manufacturer to gain Soil Association accreditation for its range of organic cotton wool products.

Very toxic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides are used in the farming of conventional cotton, amounting to 25% of global pesticide consumption. These not only cause considerable damage to farming communities and the environment, but also leave residues on the finished product.

All Simply Gentle Organic products are 100% organic and follow strict guidelines as laid down by the Soil Association.