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Opal London

Opal London - Teardrop Shape Hair Brush

Teardrop Shape Hair Brush

Opal London | more info....

OP-134 |  £3.00  | £ 1.50 | Add to Basket

 £3.00  | £ 1.50 | Add to..

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Opal London - Africa Shower Cap

Africa Shower Cap

Opal London | more info....

OP-246 | 41cm diameter | £ 4.50 | Add to Basket

41cm diameter
£ 4.50 | Add to Basket

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Opal London

Opal London

Established in 1978 Opal have been designing and producing the best bodycare accessories for over a quarter of a century.

About Opal

The company produce the best quality, ethically sourced and environmentally sound products. Opal are strongly against animal testing, insist on sustainable resources and trade fairly with partners overseas.