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Skin Blossom Facial skin care

Skin Blossom - Age Resist Face Moisturiser

Age Resist Face Moisturiser

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OB-RFM | 50ml airless pump | £ 7.95 | Add to Basket

50ml airless pump
£ 7.95 | Add to Basket

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Skin Blossom

Skin Blossom

  • Soil association organic.
  • Vegan.

Skin Blossom has a new look!

Skin Blossom believe everyone deserves beautiful, healthy skin and hair. That's why they create effective natural products using the finest organic ingredients without the high price tag.

Award Winning

The award winning Skin Blossom organic products are made in the UK and are specially created to contain organic and skin-friendly ingredients.

All products are certified by the Soil Association, who are the UK's organic skin care assessor. We choose organic certification so there is no quibble about the safety of our products. The Soil Association have very strict health and beauty standards and carefully check the ingredients in organic UK skin care. They guarantee the organic integrity of ingredients and also assess that they are not harmful to health and have minimal environmental impact during manufacture.

At Skin Blossom we are proud to make gorgeous, effective and credible organic skin and hair care.