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Giovanni Colorflage

Giovanni - Colorflage Daily Color Defense Conditioner

Colorflage Daily Color Defense Conditioner

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GV-4127 | Boldly Black * |  £9.29  | £ 3.99 | Add to Basket

Boldly Black *
 £9.29  | £ 3.99 | Add to..

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  • Protect. Defend. Shield. Restore
  • Be bold, be strong, be gorgeous. Be colorful. Naturally!

These color-specific formulas contain an exclusive antioxidant-powered UV fade-resistant system that works together to keep color stronger, longer.

Because color treated hair requires specific care the range delivers shampoo and conditioning systems that interlock to protect, defend and entice exquisite shine to the surface.

Both the shampoo and conditioning formulas defend against fade-out due to constant washings.

Extraordinary antioxidant protection works to keep the hair color locked in place, longer than ever. Hair color stays stronger, longer!

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