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Ashleigh & Burwood

Ashleigh & Burwood Earth Secrets - Reed Diffusers (Mixed Box)

New  Reed Diffusers (Mixed Box)

Ashleigh & Burwood Earth Secrets | more info....

AB-ES3M | 3 x 50ml + Reeds | £ 9.99 | Out of Stock

3 x 50ml + Reeds
£ 9.99 | Out of Stock

Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home - Home Sprays

New  Home Sprays

Ashleigh & Burwood The Scented Home | more info....

AB-HS11 | A Thousand Rose Petals | £ 3.95 | Add to Basket

A Thousand Rose Petals
£ 3.95 | Add to Basket

AB-HS29 | Freesia & Orchid | £ 3.95 | Add to Basket

Freesia & Orchid
£ 3.95 | Add to Basket

AB-HS21 | Jasmine & Tuberose | £ 3.95 | Add to Basket

Jasmine & Tuberose
£ 3.95 | Add to Basket

AB-HS31 | Lavender & Bergamot | £ 3.95 | Out of Stock

Lavender & Bergamot
£ 3.95 | Out of Stock

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Ashleigh & Burwood

Ashleigh & Burwood.

  • Creators of high quality fragranced products for the home.

Ashleigh & Burwood are a specialist home fragrance company; formed in London in 1993.

They design and produce contemporary and classic home fragrance products to refine, to beautify and to enhance home ambience.

They believe in quality and in innovation, always keeping the Ashleigh & Burwood brand synonymous with original and inventive creations.

All products are rigorously tested by their Quality Control department. Full testing and analysis is carried out throughout the life of the product. You are assured none of the fragrances contain anything that may be considered harmful.

Understanding Fragrance

When discussing fragrance we refer to 'notes'. Notes describe the odour detected and are separated into three layers: Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes.

Top Notes - impulse scent lasting 0-30minutes
These create the first impression of a fragrance and here you will find the fresh florals, citruses and herbs consisting of light molecules that quickly evaporate.

Middle Notes - balancing scent lasting 30minutes to 8 hours
These form the main core of the fragrance. Once the top note has dissipated the middle note emerges, its purpose to refresh and blend with the often heavier scents of the base notes.

Base Notes - anchor scent lasting 8 to 24hours
These are the last to develop and add depth and body to the fragrance and last far beyond that of the top and middle notes.